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June 12, 2012
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For once in your entire life, you were actually excited for something. You had just recently moved to Tokyo, Japan because you had a passion for anime and manga. What better place to buy and learn about it than where it originated from? You still weren't used to the culture and language of the strange place, given you were (i/n) and had never once thought you would ever move away from your home. Your dream was to write and illistrate your own manga book, but that would be impossible without the right help. You hadn't met many friends yet, but the friends you did know were also interested in anime, so it made you feel more relaxed around them. Your old friends didn't even know what the word "anime" meant.

Anyway, back to your excitement. You were excited because there was an anime convention taking place in downtown Tokyo that afternoon. You knew it was most likely going to be crowed, but you didn't care. You wanted to check out all the different anime and see all the cosplayers. The best part was, you weren't going alone. You were going with your friend, Lin Yi Ling. She was a cheery Taiwanese girl you had befriended a week after moving to Japan. You enjoyed her company very much.

You were checking your phone for the time, when you heard someone knock on your door. You jumped a tad bit, but realized that it might be Lin. You quickly ran to the door and opened it, to someone you've never met before. This person was a man, who was probably the same age as you, maybe a little older. His hair was a jet black and his eyes were a chocolate brown. The man reminded you slightly of Lin.

"May I help you?" you asked, keeping the door slightly shut due to your precaution ways.

"Hello, my name is Kiku. Lin sent me to take you to downtown Tokyo," he addressed in a thick Japanese accent. The corners of his lips curved up in a small smile as you flushed with embarrassment.

"O-Oh, I'm sorry about my bluntness towards you," you quickly apologized, as you grabbed your bag and left your house. "It's just, I'm still pretty new here, and I never really have anyone come knocking at my door," you explained to him. Kiku opened the gate that led to the sidewalk, and let you pass first.

"I can understand your nervousness. Lin told me that you'd be a little jumpy," he said in a low voice.

"If you don't mind me asking, how exactly do you and Lin know each other?" you asked, glancing over at the man. He smiled ever so slightly and chuckled.

"Lin is my younger sister. She and I get along well, so that's why she sent me instead of one of our other brother's," Kiku told you. You nodded along with what he was saying and looked in front of you. Lin never mentioned that she had siblings, you thought. Kiku glanced over at you, and delievered the same smile.

"So, ______," he started, catching your attention, "do you have an interest in anime or are you going to this convention to get out more?" You blushed softly and tucked a strand of (h/c) hair behind your ear.

"As a matter of fact, I do have an interest in anime. That's why I moved to Japan. So I could be in the place where anime originally began," you said, smiling absentmindly as you thought of the manga you desperately wanted to create.

"I see," he said, his smile growing slightly. You glanced over at him, and smiled sweetly, yet shyly at him. You hated to say that you had already developed a crush on Kiku, but you couldn't deny it. It was too hard for you.

----Time Lapse: 15 minutes----

You and Kiku had arrived to the convention 15 minutes later. Just like you imagined, it was crowded. You could hear the chatter and hollers of Japanese all around you, causing you to giggle. You had never seen so many people in different costumes, having a good laugh and a good time. The locals were friendly as you and Kiku walked through the crowd. bowing their heads at you and smiling. These people are so nice. Why didn't I think about moving here sooner?

As Kiku dragged you out of the crowd, something caught your eye. It was a doll. A Hatsune Miku doll to be exact. It looked so authentic and so real. You now wanted the Vocaloid doll. But, the thing was, you barely had any money. You wanted to check how much the doll was, to see if did have the right amount.

"Wait, Kiku!" you yelled over the crowd, wiggling your wrist from his grip. He gave you a quizzical look as you weaved their the sea of people, towards the stand that had the doll. You had reached it, and once you did, dissappointment washed over your face. The doll was way to pricey for you.

"What is it, _____?" you heard Kiku say, as he stood next to you. He looked to what you were gazing at, and nodded slowly.

"You really want that doll?" he asked, looking back at you. You, without taking your eyes off the blue haired ceramic doll, nodded. Kiku stood silent for a few moments, before he took something out of his pocket. You weren't paying him any attention. Your eyes and mind were focused on the doll. You just couldn't let it go.

You were still lost in your thoughts, when Kiku poked your arm. You shook your head to clear your mind and looked at him, eyes widening when you saw what he was holding. It was the Hatsune Miku doll.

"Think of it as a present from me to you," he smiled, holding the doll out to you. You nearly squealed with joy as you took the doll from his hands, gently though. A huge grin was plastered on your face as you looked back at him.

"Thank you so much, Kiku!" you exclaimed with happiness. Without knowing it, you took a step forward and kissed him on the cheek. Kiku's entire face blushed with a mad scarlet color. You were too happy to notice what you had did.

"Let's go enjoy the rest of the convention," you took his hand in yours and pulled him into the crowd. It was your turn to drag him.
Request 2/2 for :iconmatryoshka97:~Matryoshka97

Her second request was JapanxReader. ^^ I miserably at this...:iconotlplz: I am so very sorry! :iconlazycryplz:

Just like the Hong KongxReader, this was the first time I've done Japan.^^;

On to my next request! :iconheroposeplz:

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) You. ^^
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