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September 13, 2012
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You sat in class, bored as usual. It was History, your least favorite. It wasn't like the teacher cared or not if you paid attention, since the teacher never paid any attention to you. In fact, no one in the school paid any mind or attention to you. You were as invisible as air. Or like Matthew Williams, who was in the same situation you were. Because of that, you both grew to become good friends. You both had depression problems, and felt nice to finally have someone to talk to about your feelings and whatnot.

As you spent more and more time around Matthew, you learned that he had a brother around his age, but exceeded a grade. His name was Alfred F. Jones, the schools star quarterback. Just like every football player, he was quite popular with the ladies. Even though you were friends with his brother, you could never get close to Alfred. And, like everyone else at the school, he would completely ignore you or walk past you. Every time he did so, you're heart sunk a little deeper in your chest.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn't hear the bell ring, signaling the end of class. Thank goodness, it's time for gymnastics, you thought to yourself as you gathered up your things. Gymnastics was an after school activity that you attended, and the only time that you were ever noticed, because other girls had to talk to you, so they practically had no choice. Your coach would praise you on how well you were at vault and pole vault. Not being used to the compliments, you would blush and quickly mutter a "thank you" to her.

You entered the gym with quick haste and relief, but the relief didn't last long when you saw that some members of the football team were practicing in there, one of them being Alfred. He can't be here! I won't be able to concentrate now! Groaning, you shuffled off to the locker room. In a way, you thought this was a good idea that he was here. Maybe if he sees how good I am at my events, he'll finally notice me and actually talk to me. Butterflies formed in your stomach just thinking about Alfred watching you do flips and tricks on the vault.

When you finished changing into your strip red, white, and blue jumpsuit and putting your hair into a high ponytail, you walked out of the locker room. A few girls already started their events and you quickly made your way over to the vault section. You stood about 82 feet away from the springboard, and shut your eyes, trying to focus on what was in front of you. Just when you thought about charging toward the object, you heard someone familiar say your name.

"_____? Is that you?" Alfred asked from behind you. Your heart leapt into your throat for a split moment. Feeling bold enough, you turned around and smile sheepishly at him.

"Hey, Alfred. What are you doing here?" you asked, rubbing the back of your head and rocking on your heels. You were so nervous that you couldn't stand still. Alfred brushed some strands of hair away from his sweaty face and pierced his aqua blue eyes into your (e/c) orbs. You swear you could hear your own heart beating.

"Just practicing with a few members of the team," he then smiled at you, "so, (Name), you're in Gymnastics?" you blushed a bit and glanced off to the side.

"Uh, yeah. Matthew wanted me to do it, because he thought I had the potential to be a great gymnast," you said, twirling your ponytail between your fingers.

"Well, you wouldn't mind me watching you, would you?" he asked, smiling that million dollar smile at you. The blush from earlier fired up hotter than ever, consuming your entire face. He....he wants to watch me? There was a moment of hesitation before you nodded.

"I don't mind at all, Alfred," he smiled at you and took a seat on one of the benches. After flashing him a bright smile, you turned back to the springboard. Your heart was thumping wildly in your chest. You let out a deep, calming sigh of relief and once again shut your eyes. For that very moment, you imagined that you were the only one in the room. Then, your eyes opened.

You charged down the runaway, eyes only focused on the large object in front of you. When you were about 43 feet away, you arched your body and did a few front flips in a row. You front flipped onto the springboard, and got sent into the air. You twisted your body a few times, and landed on your feet. Thinking you did pretty well, you smiled to yourself. Suddenly, a clapping was heard from behind you.

"_____! That was totally awesome!" Alfred praised to you, a goofy grin on his face. You giggled softly and jogged back over to him, where you were pulled into a tight bear hug by the blonde. You thanked the Gods he couldn't see your face, because you were probably as red as a tomato "Dude, Matthew was right! You do have the potential to be an amazing gymnast. Maybe even amazing enough for Nationals or something," he said after he finished crushing you in the bear hug. You smiled broadly.

"Do you really think I can do something like that? It seems like a hard goal to accomplish," you said, feeling a bit hurt from downgrading yourself like that. Alfred smiled more sincerely and gently placed his hand on your shoulder, causing you to look up at him.

"_____. I know for a fact you will reach that goal. I'll support you the whole way," his tone was serious, yet sweet and that's how you knew that he meant what he said. A boost of confidence shot through your entire body when you heard those words.

"Thank you, Alfred," without even thinking, you quickly slipped off his glasses, got on your tiptoes, and pressed your lips to his. Alfred was shocked and surprised at your sudden action, and before he could ease into it, you pulled away. Smiling, you said, "you don't know how much that means to me," so, there you both were, smiling and gazing into one another's eyes.

A whistle blow erupted the moment between you both, resulting in a groan from you. Alfred chuckled. You were about to turn around and head to the locker room, when you saw a small blush creep up on his cheeks.

"Alfred, is something wrong?" you asked, placing a hand on his cheek to feel how warm he was, thinking he was overly hot or something like that. Alfred shook his head.

"No, nothing's wrong. I was.....just wondering if you know...come to the game tomorrow night?" his face flushed even more. Your face brightened as you nodded.

"I would love to come! It sounds like fun!" you giggled. Alfred's blush receded from his face and smiled at you.

"Okay, so I'll see ya tomorrow?" he asked, still smiling. You put his glasses back on and pecked him on the nose.

"See you tomorrow," with that being said, you skipped towards the locker room. Oh, how it felt to finally be noticed.
Hmmm, I kinda like how this came out, but not too much. -.-;;; I don't really like how it rushes things with Alfred/America, but meh~ I'm tired and I want to go to bed~ XDD

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy~

I did have a video with what the exact event was, but I lost it~ TT^TT I apologize~

America = Alfred

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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